Do You Need Dentures?

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Aside from how useful they’ll be when pranking your grandchildren or trick-or-treaters during Halloween, there are some actual uses for dentures. Even in a world where you can get dental implants relatively quickly, dentures are still a great, viable option for those who are looking to replace multiple teeth.

But how do you know if your tooth loss situation merits dentures instead of some other form of restorative dental work? Well, we have the answer to that. Let’s take a look.

Major tooth loss
If you’ve lost several teeth on either or both of your dental arches, then dentures are a really good option for you. If you lost only one or two teeth, you could probably restore your smile with dental implants or bridges. The problem is that if your smile is missing the majority of your teeth, you likely don’t have sufficient jaw health to support implants.

As an alternative, dentures sit comfortably over your gums and don’t impact your jaw health. When you visit our practice, Dr. Kevin Lacour can help you determine if you’ve had too much tooth loss to support implants.

Oral health problems
If you lost your teeth due to oral health problems, such as gum disease, then it may be tougher to get dental implants. No matter which dental restoration you get, you will still have to clean them like your real ones. If not, you could end up with the same oral health problems you had with your real teeth. In cases like this, our dentists may recommend that you get dentures.

Regardless of what type of tooth replacement you decide to go with, our team at Lacour Family Dentistry is always happy to help restore your smile to its optimal oral health. For more information about dentures in Lilburn, Georgia, or to schedule an appointment, call us today at 770-921-6606.