Achieve Cavity Prevention with Dental Sealants

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When you take a close look at your back teeth, you may see deep ridges in the biting surfaces of your molars and premolars. These teeth are naturally ridged to grind food, but a particularly deep texture could become a health risk because daily brushing and flossing may not be able to reach food particles and plaque that have become trapped. These harmful substances could lead to cavities that need to be repaired with large and vulnerable dental fillings.

Dental sealants can help prevent cavities by coating the biting surfaces of back teeth in a tough barrier that blocks bacteria. Designed with durable plastic resin, dental sealants are applied as a liquid coating to your molars and premolars and then firmed up with a special ultraviolet light. By creating a hard barrier between the teeth and harmful plaque and food particles during a dental checkup, we can greatly reduce your risk of tooth decay.

Dental sealants can benefit your dental health for years without being affected by routine brushing and flossing. Despite dental sealants, you need to maintain proper oral hygiene habits every day because sealants alone can’t effectively ward off tooth decay.

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